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Leasing Options

Not only does Scotty's offer the best products and service in the industry, we also give you the option to lease equipment. This allows you to get the equipment you need now, without tying up capital. Listed below are a few of the options available through our association with National Leasing. 
  Fair market value.

Looking for a lower payment or like working with the most current equipment available? The Fair Market Value option may be right for you. With it you defer a portion of your equipment’s purchase cost to the end of the lease, at which time you have the option of purchasing the equipment for fair market value or walking away altogether to purchase new equipment with the latest upgrades.

Three-month skip lease.

Acquiring equipment that won’t start paying for itself immediately? The Three-Month Skip Lease lets you skip the first three months (90 days) of payment so that you can better align your payments to your cash flow. Need more time? Exact skip terms and conditions can be negotiated.

10% buyout.

The best of both worlds, the 10% buyout option splits the difference between the lower payments of the Fair Market Value option and the lower buyout amount of $1 buyout option. With this option you can be confident of the exact buyout purchase amount at the end of the lease.

$1 buyout.

Perfect for leasing equipment that you are confident that you will want to keep at the end of the lease, this option lets you purchase your leased equipment for the low sum of $1. Your payment amount can be adjusted by the length of the lease term.

Stretch lease.

If there is a possibility that you might want to buyout your lease a little earlier than the lease’s term, the Stretch Lease lets you do so. For example, a 39 month Stretch Lease might offer a buyout option at 36 months. Exact terms and conditions can be negotiated.

Step-up or step-down option.

If you anticipate changing cash flow needs for your business, this option allows you to arrange payments that increase or decrease over the term of the lease.

Shorter or longer payment periods.

Perfect for businesses where cash flow is seasonal (example: farms or golf courses), The Make It Happen Lease™ lets you design a payment cycle that matches when your business gets paid.